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Samsung Smart PC

Samsung Smart PC models with Windows 8

Samsung Smart PC equipped with Windows 8 tablets of the Korean brand models. The quality found in all models of Samsung Smart PC is equivalent to any high-end Samsung model. In these devices, we can see how Samsung has put all the available technology for its development.

Samsung Smart PC is what many consider the perfect equipment. Samsung Smart PC brings together in a single device Tablets Samsung functionality coupled with the power of the Ultrabooks, giving as a result a device really attractive for all users. Buy the best tablet for the Samsung range and download WhatsApp for Samsung in your new tablet 2014.

Samsung Smart PC hits the market with a somewhat high price and which is not within the reach of everyone, but according to the performance of the device.

Ativ Smart S the Smartphone with Windows 8

Ativ Smart S are the Samsung Smartphones with operating system Windows 8 for mobile. This range launched by Samsung is ideal for lovers of Microsoft operating systems.