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Samsung Smartphones are today the most desired by users who do not opt for Apple and its iPhone. Samsung one of the world's largest companies in the manufacture of mobile devices has been able to convince millions of users around the world. The wide range of smartphones that Samsung has achieved any user to have a mobile model that meets your expectations. There are Samsung Smartphones for each user and the quality of the Samsung mobile is ideal for the most demanding users.

The growth experienced by the multinational Korean thanks to its range of Smartphones Samsung Galaxy has made that competition may not help evolve their mobile. Apple remains committed to his iPhone to improve their Smartphones to compete with Samsung.

The truth is that the number of Smartphone Samsung and other manufacturers grows quickly, the battle for lead time sales ranking is now Samsung. Apple after losing the number one, stays in second place despite only having a model, the iPhone.

This fight has been moved to the sector of apps and no one wants to stay back. Chat applications are a clear example of the battle that we are witnessing, million potential users expect to download aplicacines's Instant Messaging like WhatsApp for Samsung in its new Smartphone. WhatsApp for Samsung in turn competes with Line, Viber, Tango or the arrival of China Wechat PC revolution.

Samsung Galaxy S5 the best Smartphones Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S5 waterproof water test

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the Smartphone that Samsung has launched onto the market to replace the successful Samsung Galaxy S4, flagship of the multinational until the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S5.